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National Championship Time Trial
Jackson, Mississippi
May 18, 2000

The course was undulating to flat and extremely windy, which is unusual around here at this time of year. The road went along a large reservoir coming in and out of the protection of the trees along the course. In the open, next to the water, the wind was a factor. Mostly, it was a crosswind, though a bit of a tail going out and a head coming back.

I've been preparing well for the race. I haven't been feeling that great, but coming into the event, I was confident and excited about racing. I had my plan and was ready to go. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough. I got creamed in a way I haven't experienced in a TT in quite a while. The last ten riders were seeded primarily from last year's results so I went off second to last with Mari following me and Karen Kurreck ahead of me. We started at one-minute intervals.

There's really not much to tell. The way out felt hard which was a problem since it was sort of a tail wind. I lost sight of Karen Kurreck pretty much right away. With 25 kilometers to go (before the half-way point turn-around) Mari caught me and passed quickly by. I remained strong, not wanting to let that disappointment ruin my race. With that I was happy. My main goal was to finish the race knowing I had done everything I could. I achieved that. Too bad I was slow.

In so many ways, I feel the need to offer an explanation for that slowness. Evan worked so hard on my TT bike. I got support and well wishes from so many people. However, I don't have an explanation. I didn't feel that great -- no zip. Too much training? Not enough? Not the right kind? Some of this, some of that? That's bike racing. It's hard to peak for a one-day event. I wasn't able to do it for the NY Cycle Club Graduation Ride many years ago.

A special thanks to Evan again for really putting in tons of time on the bike before the event, at the event, and for motorpacing me in Albuquerque and to Nimble wheels for some wonderful fast wheels.

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