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INTERSPORTS is building a sports complex that will include, among other things, a velodrome, housing, gym, running track, and restaurants. They are based in Peterborough, Ontario Canada.

"Cycling's sometimes called an invidual sport contested by teams that's really true - a team that works well together can often accomplish a lot more than the same number of individuals. As a result, it's not always the stongest individual that wins the race." -- EE
The stellar roster of riders are Anne Samplonius (one of the smartest riders in the peleton), Erin Carter (a hot, young pursuiter and sprinter formerly with the Elita team), Sandy Espeseth (the current Canadian National Road Race Champion), Chloe Black (an incredible teammate I rode with years back in Australia), and Cathy Marsal (the famous, super star French rider who has decided to try racing Stateside after years of racing for Italian teams).

Oh yes, and me.

We're fortunate to have the support of some other great companies, including Javeline (bicycles), Mavic USA (wheels), Serfas (pedals), Gaerne (shoes), Cinelli (handlebars and stems), Oakley (eyewear), Giro (helmets), Sockguy (socks), AXO (gloves) and Smartfuel (energy foods).

We'll be doing the typical schedule of US events, plus some races in Canada, like the Montreal World Cup and the GP Femenin that I did last September.

For more about the team, visit the Team's website.

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