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HP LaserJet Women's Challenge -- Stage 5
June 12, 2000

When I started writing these race reports I made a deal with myself that no matter how I did I would write. The reports are about the racing, both its ups and downs and the lifestyle.

It's certainly more fun to write good things. Racing isn't always great results. Marianne Berglund told me here at Idaho, many years back, that cycling has its good and bad periods. Sometimes these periods last days, sometimes, months or years. It's a matter of waiting and pushing through. Evan recently told me that Mark McGuire, not that long ago, was sitting out games in order to keep his batting average above 200. It's been a tough month for me and today was no different.

Today's race was the individual time trial, a 15-mile flat, out-and-back course. Being down in GC, I started early in the group. Dede, starting a minute behind me, passed me close to the finish. I know she is riding well so I tried to remain tough to the end. I clocked the second fastest time, though I knew there were so many fast women still to ride.

Longo won. Mari finished second, Anna Wilson 3rd, Dede 5th. And I was 17th

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