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HP LaserJet Women's Challenge -- Stage 6
June 13, 2000

Today was about wind. About head wind and cross-head wind. About the gutter.

As with the rest of the stages, Schwab seems to be struggling with bad luck. Both Catherine and Leigh went down, we missed the eight-woman break, which went off just as Catherine went down and Katrina (who rode really strong today) spent time chasing the field bringing Leigh and Catherine up to the pack.

The break went off before the first hot spot and contained Sarah Ulmer and Megan Hughes both of whom have sprint points. US National, Timex, Autotrader, and Longo missed the break. Timex went to the front and chased. We went to the front as did US National but by then the break had more than two-minutes. Us chasers made little gains. Then Leigh went down, so we stopped chasing. Also, by this point we had passed the second and last hot spot of the day, so our chasing responsibility and interest was over. We sat in.

The day ended with a rise to a flat kilometer or two to the finish line. The break split in the end with Zilute proving her strength won. Anna Wilson took second. Longo won the field sprint but lost at least a few minutes to Zilute.

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