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HP LaserJet Women's Challenge -- Stage 4
June 11, 2000

Finally some success. Charles Schwab had a great team day. Our first job was for me and Nicole to go for the sprints - her sprinting, me leading out -- against Elita and the Great British riders and many others who were up there clogging things up.

The first of the two sprints came at 16 miles. Nicole aced that one.

The second sprint came at 27 miles. However, about 5 miles before that, many riders tumbled, including Leigh Hobson. Katrina and Marie went back to help her while Nicole and I worked up front to get the sprint. She took second. Then she went back to help Leigh and the others get back on.

I stayed at the front trying to convince those in the front to slow it down. Ok, so I was arguing with those in front to slow it down. In the end, losing the argument, I went back to help them get on just as they were catching the field and then take Leigh straight to the front. The team then played bottle switch while Nicole went back to the car to get more bottles we could swap around.

Our next job was to get Leigh and Catherine up to the front for the start of the climb. We did that and then they did their jobs and climbed the many miles to the base of the ski resort. Marie and I rode up to the top at our own pace. Leigh, after chasing and chasing didn't have the legs to make it with the very front group. Catherine did great and finished way up in the standings - though I haven't seen results yet.

With Nicole's great work she was invited to the podium to wear a beautiful purple sprint leader jersey!

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