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HP LaserJet Women's Challenge -- Stage 3
June 10, 2000

I do live at altitude. I know I do. Yet, here I am at Sun Valley, struggling with the altitude. I guess, that although my home is at altitude, I am rarely at home so I never acclimate.

Today's course was 18 laps around a short circuit - down, and then up to the start line to go down again over and over. The up was steep with a tailwind and the downhill had a headwind making that hard as well. I began hyperventilating on the first descent and came off not too much after that.

What I know of the race is from the radio in my ear and talking to the other Schwab riders after the race. Leigh stayed with the front group and was active in the attempts to get away. Katrina did great although she called herself the human yo-yo - dropping off, catching back on over and over. Marie thinks she may be getting sick and struggled with that and the altitude. Nicole struggled with gravity. Catherine stayed with the front group until way late in the race.

Longo, Diane Ziliute, Mari, Lynne fought for the top positions. In the end, Ziliute took top honors holding her overall lead.

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