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Tour of Switzerland:
Getting Settled
September 21, 1999, Embrach, Switzerland

We're now in Switzerland for the Tour of Switzerland and the WC final here in Switzerland. We stay in Embrach, 15km outside of Zurich and race around here for the whole tour and WC. The US National Team riders will be Julie Young, Karen Kurreck, Kim Smith, Emily Robbins, Karen Dunne, and Katie Compton, supported by the usual suspects: Henny, Chad, and Aaron. They are all staying with Ester and Walter Keller in a big house up on a big hill. It's beautiful and the Kellers are wonderful, generous people.

Mari Holden, Dede Demet, and I will be riding for a Dream Team (of sorts) composite team. In addition to the three of us, there will be Nicole Chandli (?)(a Swiss rider), and two Ukranians, supported by unusual mystery suspects. (More information to follow.) We are staying in a small hotel in town across the street from a minimart, down the street from the hotel where we slept last night (This hotel was closed for the night when we arrived so we set up a few doors down.), and down the street from the psuedo-Italian restaurant where I had dinner last night and lunch today. I am in a single room with a cute little green corner couch, a boom box -- able to play tapes and cds, a sink, table, and plenty of storage for clothes, which is why I've spread everything from the suitcase all over the floor.

Starting tonight at the presentation banquet, all racers will eat at a school near by. I don't remember much about the race food. What is most mentioned by the other riders is the muesli/yogurt combination served at breakfast. At least three years ago I did this race. Then, I remember the climbing to be horrendous and the roads narrow. I expect I'll make out better this year. Although, yesterday and today, I feel remarkably tired. This year we have five days and six stages. All have lots of climbing, including the TT, which appears to be 10km up hill at altitude.

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