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Tour of Switzerland
Day 2, Stage 2
September 23, 1999, Embrach, Switzerland

Today was 5 laps of a 20+km course for a total of 106 kms (60ish miles). The loop was wicked. Pure and simple. Wicked. The start was half way up a two-tiered climb - each tier being 3-4 kms. I used a 25 as I think many did. Even on the first time up the second half of the climb riders were being dropped. I ended up getting dropped the third time up the climb leading to the finish and rode the rest of the race with Karen Dunne. My exhaustion finally hit me I guess, despite getting good sleep the night before. Dede dropped out. Mari suffered though remained in the pack until the last lap. Nicole Brandli (correct last name) of our team climbed great once again and is in 5th over all. One of the Ukrainians is in 10th. Emily Robbins, Julie Young, and Karen Kurreck were all up by Mari. Kim Smith was further up in the front group.

Rasa (a Lithuanian twin) and Zabarova finished alone. I expect Zabarava let Rasa win after the two worked together to put Zabarova in the lead overall. The front group behind the two leaders was about 10 riders. Beyond that the field was spread all over the road.

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