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World Cup Final Round
Switzerland, September 26, 1999

This year's Swiss World Cup was a 20km loop we did six times. It went out of town, up to Pfungen, then rollers heading generally up, and then to the 4km climb which was steep in some sections. Again lots of rain, more than yesterday if that is possible.

Today, I was prepared, warmed-up, got a good starting position and was determined to stay up front and be active. I remained way too afraid of the descents falling to the way back (scaredy cat section) each time. Feeling better than I have been, I still didn't have the legs to make up for the fear and suffered each climb to move up some in preparation for the descent. I finally got dropped for good on the 5th descent and rode back to the hotel.

Clara Hughes came for the WC and attacked before we got out of the neutral. She, of course, was stopped with lots of chuckles. Once the flag was dropped she went again and stayed off for a bit. Lynne Bissette then went and stayed off for a few laps. Australia was working to keep the field together. Anna Wilson was 18 points behind Hanka in the overall standings. If she won today, she would take the overall. Her best chance was to create a field sprint.

Longo was seen once at the front, leading the group up the climb. Other than that, she was more afraid than I, and very scary to be around. Once Lynne had been caught by the Aussie train, Hanka's team tried to break the field up and get away. Anna and Australia are riding so well that this wasn't about to happen. In the end, a group of six including Anna and Hanka got away on the 6th climb. Anna won the sprint and Hanka took 2nd. This put Anna in the lead overall with Hanka 2nd. I believe Tracey Gaudrey (Australia) retained 3rd overall.

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