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Holland World Cup
120km, September 12, 1999

First of all, I misinformed you all. The World Cup had 110 riders. It is Tour of Switzerland that will have 186 riders. The course was flat (big surprise) with corners, bricks, narrow roads, and wind (stronger than it has been). Many of the riders had also done the Tour of Holland. Many had not. Anna Wilson (currently 2nd), Tracey Gaudrey (3rd), and the others from the World Championship Australian team showed up. Hanka Kupfunhagel (currently in 1st) and her Greenery Hawk team raced. Petra Rosner who had bad luck in the Tour of Holland in the hilly road stage (a crash) and in the time trial (a flat) was on a mission.

The first 40 km were mellow as these things go - fighting for position and safety, no significant attacking. At 45 km Hanka went to the front and kicked ass, guttering everyone. I stuck on her wheel. After sucking wind, hoping for a motor I looked back and it was just Hanka, Petra Rosner and me. A bit later a group containing Mari, Anna Wilson, Liz Tadich (AUS), and VanMorsel bridged up to us. I thought cool, this will be it. Then we stopped working so well together and the pack was on us. I don't really know who chased us down.

A bit later a large group got ahead with Hanka, VanMorsel, Anna, and Mari. It was pretty clear that this was the winning break. They were up the road and we were chasing unsuccessfully. Then the Germans went to the front and pushed it hard. Finally Petra herself took over, split the pack and reeled the break in. Unfortunately, I fell asleep for a moment at the wrong time, drifted too far back in the pack, and found myself looking at a gap in front of me. Damn! I chased hard. They were right there damn it. Help me! Someone help me! The race is up the road! The group was just ahead, really right there.

And we lost them. So, for the last 20km I drove the group I was with, hoping to get some help, hoping to get up to the break, then to the caravan when that came around, giving us a second chance at catching what would be the winning group. All frustratingly unfruitful. Good time trial practice and a lesson I plan on not having to suffer through again.

Up ahead in the real race, a break of three got off after Petra caught the large break. I think Mari and Petra and Anna were in that break. A bridge of 11 caught the break containing three more Aussies and no US riders. Two dropped off. Yvonne McGreggor (GB) crashed out. In the sprint finish, Petra won, successfully redeeming herself from the Tour bad luck. Anna and Hanka were the other two on the podium.

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