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Tour of Holland
Day 1: 143km, 5 sprints
September 5, 1999

I forgot to mention in the last note that during the three weeks at home, I got going a project I've always wanted to do. It is a program where I go visit schools and talk about who I am, what I do and mostly about working hard, going after something you love to do, and keeping with that thing even while many people tell you that you should be doing something else. I talk about those things and whatever else crosses my mind. The kids ask questions at the end of my very short talk. So far, I've done two assemblies at a school in Albuquerque. Once I return there, I'll do more and hope to get to the YMCA as well.

Yesterday was the first stage. Not surprisingly, the terrain was flat. As a pancake, in fact. I'd love to relate all sorts of exciting things that happened during the race but there's nothing to report. The pace was high, though not super-high. The wind blew, though not super-hard. Van Morsel stayed up front the whole time leading things around. The five sprints went off without incident. I think she won most, if not all, of them. At about the halfway point some attacks started. I got involved covering a few, hoping to get in a break. Nothing stuck. Nothing even got anywhere. The last 20km were two 10km loops. Dede thought things would pick up in these laps. Not so much. Late in the race, Anne Samplonius attacked and another went with her. I attempted as well and pulled up realizing I was towing the pack. A Robobank rider took over. Then Judith Arndt went. No one reacted and she got seconds right away, keeping it, to solo for the win. I think Petra Rosner placed second. No results so far.

After the race, we showered, packed up in the cars and drove for almost 3 hours to our current lodging. Later today, we'll head back in the same direction for almost as long, to start stage 2. Insanity. You all know how much I love to drive! For the rest of the race, we'll be here, a camp of sorts. Dede, Allison, and I are in a room with 2 sets of bunks crammed into a room with a little wardrobe and sink. Our late dinner (race ending at 5:30 + 3:00 drive) was chicken, rice, nice salad, cooked carrots and peas. Nothing unusual. Breakfast here isn't nearly as good as at our much-loved hotel in Zwolle.

Today's race is at 4ish. So we'll get on line, eat again, pack up and drive.

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