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Christiana Care Cup
Wilmington, Delaware, May 30, 1999

Celestial Seasonings rocks (as does CRCA, my first racing club). Celestial Seasonings' aim was to be in every break and to be aggressive. With the Montreal World Cup also today, many of the climbers were there and the sprinters were here. At the moment we don't have a sprinter who is as fast as Nicole Reinhart and Jen McRae, for example. We hoped for a break with one of us in it to stay off.

We did just that. Tina started us off by being in a break with Clara Hughes. They were off almost a full lap hovering at about 20 seconds. While they were away, the field continued to be active trying to bridge up to the two. We all took part in that. There were attacks when they got caught. I countered something and got off with Tana Stone and a Potomac rider. It was clear Saturn didn't want Tana to work and she finally started pulling through weakly. The Potomac rider started pulling through after some encouragement. We had a maximum of one minute which didn't last long. Leading into the QOM climb, I saw them pack behind us and lead the three of us at a good tempo up the climb. I wanted to make it to the top before the pack caught us and started attacking as it had from the start. Secondly, I wanted to win the QOM. The first time around I had been way up there in the climb as well.

We were caught a bit after the climb and Roz Reekie (riding for us from now through HP) attacked and got off with Clara. They were off and never very far. Then it was the sprint. I had planned to go early which I tried. I thought Roz was closer than she was. I hesitated because I thought maybe she and Clara would stay off. The sprint was fast and furious. The two were caught with 500 meters to go. Nicole Reinhart won, Jen McRae 2nd, and CRCA stud Jamie Nicholson got 3rd.

I did end up getting the climbing prize. Clara Hughes got the most aggressive.

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