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At home in Albuquerque
February 21, 2000

This is a brief update on my health and team situation.

My health is better, no doubt. Unfortunately, I am still inhabited by little creatures, though less so than before. Since the last note, I've gone through some other medications -- pharmaceutical and natural -- that have worked in part. The latest round completes tomorrow.

Healing myself has certainly become an ongoing, lengthy process. I've been extrememly fortunate to have found a great doctor here in Albuquerque -- Dr. Stephen Weiss at the Treehouse Center. He's both a traditional Western doctor and an Eastern doctor -- herbologist, homeopathic doctor. I like that he is aware of alternative methods of healing. Most importantly, he's good at what he does.

A month or so back, VeloNews reported that I was a new rider on the INTERSPORTS Team. I had not yet announced that, because the team was still organizing and no contracts had been signed by any of the riders. INTERSPORTS is building a sports complex that will include, among other things, a velodrome, housing, gym, running track, and restaurants. They are based in Peterborough, Ontario Canada

The team in now official, up-and-running, and excited to start racing -- here're the details.

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