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Stage 6 -- Way too much! Tour of Willamette
76 miles
Eugene, Oregon
April 16, 2000

Today was a killer. Lots of climbing. STEEP climbing. Rumor had it the first climb started really steep and then got better. So, we got over the first bit and we regrouped and then we turned right onto a very, very narrow road and then the real steep stuff happened. For East Coasters, think a long Devil's Kitchen. Then down, and up some more crazy steep stuff. The first climb was just under 10 miles - top to bottom. The second one, just under 5 miles.

Thoughts for the day:

  • Hey, it rained!
  • I lost lots of time.
  • Catherine Cardwell had a great ride finishing in the top 15.
  • Dede, showing some of her remarkable form this week, climbed great then attacked in her relentless fashion, got away with Mari and Lyne, putting her in 2nd overall.
  • The descents were unreal, moss covered, wet, scarey.
  • Lisa Hunt, formerly Halle, was incredibly funny at the start line, acting as the loudspeaker for the official who had lost his voice the day before.

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