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Stage 3, Tour of Willamette
68 miles, 2 QOMs, 1 sprint
Eugene, Oregon
April 14, 2000

More rain. It really wasn't too bad until it poured and poured.

Today's course had more climbing than the last two. We started with a four-mile climb with a QOM at the top. One third of the way through the race we had a double climb - both 4-kilometers long separated by a little less than that. The finish, once again, (damn them) was on another climb. This was about 7-kilometers long with a steep bottom and a few stair steps to the top.

The roads were better, though today we had to deal with the center line rule, which is becoming quite a deal. Warnings have been issued in the results and on the line today we received the final final warning by the chief official. Just the same, many chose to ignore those warnings, the sight of logging trucks driving in the opposite direction and attack continuously on the left of the yellow line. Given the numbers of women here, and more importantly, the number of really strong women fighting for good position, this is aggravating for us saints who are not doing so. I understand through the infamous rumor mill that something is being done that will cause quite a stir.

As noted earlier, Autotrader had some work cut out for them. They started by controling the pace on the first climb, though no one seemed very interested in starting the race so early. Timex showed a bit later they were ready to race. Before and on the next climb, the double climb, Kim Smith, and the other Timex riders attacked, hoping to tire us all out. Worked for me. I ended up dropping off on the second climb and having to chase and watch Laura zoom down the hill in mountain biking style - until, of course, she decided to check out the moss on the trees. She did so standing up and was back catching on right away. After way too much chasing I got on.

Then more attacks leading to the finishing climb. Timex was hoping Mari would come through on the climb and rumor has it she did just that. Saturn was also being super aggressive today, particularly leading to the finishing climb.

After moving up to 11th yesterday , I dropped back down, with all the many seconds I lost climbing to the end. Pam, who again rode really strong today, lost time as well. My sad guess is that she ended up being dethroned.

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