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Tour de Tooona
Crown American Johnstown Circuit Race
August 2, 2000

The Johnstown Circuit race is a new course this year. It rolled generally up until the 1 kilometer QOM climb at 12 miles, then rolled generally down with a long sweeping descent through Johnstown.

Elita controlled the race for Sarah Ulmer's lead. She, Sarah, won both sprints point sprints at the start finish with leadouts from her teammates. Pam Schuster won the first QOM and took second on the second to win the climber's jersey. Leigh Hobson is in fourth in that competition. Nothing super exciting happened between the sprints. A few were made attempts on the final lap to get a break with little success against the control of Elita. Everyone knows the real GC race will be during the 95 mile hilly Blue Nob race on Saturday and Elita will defend their yellow jersey as long as they can.

Katrina Berger continues her strong riding by taking 4th in the fast sprint. Laura was 10th and I, continuing in my just-below-money ways, finished 22nd for the second day in a row.

For local interest Kathy Blackshears is here from Albuquerque, Caryl Gale, Tara Parsons, Deidre Murphy, and Catherine Powers from New York City. Forgive me if I left someone out.

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