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McLane Pacific Road Race
72 miles (3 x 24 mile laps)
February 20

Happy teamAgain, what fun we had! Today was very, very windy. The course is flat with a few, small rollers. The last stretch is a long, down-hill straight-away with a slight rise in the last bit to the finish line.

The Rock
"Heather outsprinted the field of ten for the win while rookie Schwab member Catherine followed finished in third place. Minutes later, in what Heather describes as "the most memorable moment of my career," Heather was awarded the prize rock. Schwab riders were last seen fighting over how to split this valuable prize." -- Nicole Freedman
(more from Nicole)
Heather Albert with the Rock 
About halfway through the first lap, a break of six including Heather Albert got away. We weren't super happy with that break so we started trying to bridge another person up to her. Marie was away for some time but her break-away partners weren't working so they came back to the field. Then Catherine got away with three others. Her group caught the front group and that was the race.

Catherine told us the group worked well together up to a point. In the last few miles, the attacking started. Catherine and Heather took part in that. When all was done, Heather took first place and Catherine Cardwell took third. Anke Erlanke (AutoTrader.com) was second.

A great weekend for Charles Schwab.

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