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HP LaserJet Women's Challenge -- Stage 10 Criterium
June 17, 2000

Another View
"I will tell you who is winning from my objective point of view. Knowing my fellow mechanics I have determined that we are all equal when it comes to the written exam. We are all college graduates, believe it or not, and have put our degrees to use wisely....HAHA. This leaves the wheel changes and the subjective evaluation. All of the Euro mechanics and the wrenches from Team Sports (Saturn and Timex) use diesel to clean their bikes. Which means at the end of the day they all stink!! I don't use diesel so I don't stink." -- Kevin Grove, Autotrader.com team mechanic
And down again.

As I suspected, Anna and Saturn were on the charge to take over the lead today in the criterium. A quick break got off with Nicole, Sarah Ulmer Diana Zilute and some others. They were brought back. Next went off a break of five: Sarah Ulmer, Ina Tutenberg, Anna Wilson, Julie Young, and Dede Demet. (This is all in the first two laps by the way!)

Zilute, in a panic (as she should have been), went to the front and chased hard along with her twin lieutenants. The break meanwhile MOTORED! gaining more and more time on the field. The course is always hard but the turns are not that dramatic and can be taken at speed very easily in a small group. The main field bunches and compounds and rubberbands from start to finish. With Saturn and Elita at the front shutting things down the break gaining time.

Nicole, after her short lived break, had trouble and dropped off. Katrina did as well. Catherine and I stayed in the group but hung out in the back. And Leigh came down with a cold last night. Needless to say, we lost the sprint jersey to Sarah Ulmer, who after being in three breaks in 11 days not only has the sprint jersey but is in third place overall.

We thought Ina won AGAIN for three of three; but it was Anna who did it.

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