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Fitchburg Longsjo Classic Wrap-Up
June 30 - July 2, 2000

After the TT at Fitchburg was the circuit race on the usual 3-mile (?) course with a short steep climb in it. A large break got off with our Catherine Cardwell who rode well all weekend. The next day our aim was to have Catherine continue her great riding in the road race. The rest of us were to let her rest throughout the 5 rolling loops and save herself for the final climb up to the top of Waschusetts Mountain. We covered anything that went up the road.

As I have for the last few months, I felt bad in the legs. There in Fitchburg, I started to learn how to race with those bad legs just the same. In this race, I was pleased with the efforts I made for the team. Leigh Hobson rode extremely well also. Laura was working to get points for the sprint/QOM competition. On the final climb, my job ended - a good thing since my legs were completely finished. Laura and I rode together.

Meanwhile, Leigh and Catherine climbed with the leaders. Catherine took third, being beaten only by Lyne Bessette and Tracey Gaudrey. Leigh took fifth.

Catherine's climbing put her in third overall, two seconds ahead of Sarah Ulmer. In the crit, we wanted to keep Catherine's third, which meant her beating Sarah in the final sprint - an extremely though job with the way Sarah has been riding lately and crits/sprinting being her strength. Laura was still working to get sprint points. Julie Young was leading that competition with Sarah Ulmer in second.

In the end, Sarah won out all around by taking every sprint to win that jersey and to win the race, moving her into third place overall. Lyne Bessette won with Tracey second overall. I finished 20th.

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