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First Union Liberty Classic
World Cup Round 5
June 4, 2000, Philadelphia

I have little to add to Karen's report other than I went down on the last lap when someone tried to get into a way-too-small spot between the field and the curb. Laura and Katrina went down in the same crash. I fell hip bone right onto the curb.

Hard at the Front
"The Liberty Classic is the biggest one-day race in the US and round five of the Women's World Cup. It is pretty much owned by Germany's Petra Rossner who has won it every time she contested it which is four out of the last five years. This year was no exception...
With about 300m to go, Petra took off into the wind and nobody else could even hold her wheel!" -- Karen Kurreck
(full report)
Although I bounced back up I was a bit sick and had buggered up my hip for sure. I got going and was only able to turn the pedals slowly for a while -- long enough to make it unlikely I'd catch the field. I had hopes when I saw the caravan ahead heading down from the top of Manayunk wall. It never happened though.

We are all in Idaho now, getting ready for the HP Women's Challenge starting on Thursday. I've been riding every day and feeling fine. The endless number of Advil and ice packs must be helping.

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