Results of the 2000
Lou Maltese Memorial
Arthur Zimmerman Cup


Presented by The Century Road Club Association
July 8, Central Park, New York City

Zimmerman Cup

  1. Scott Mercer, G.S. Mengoni
  2. John Kelly, Kissena
  3. Donny Lopez, Wheel Works
  4. Rosevert Martes, CRCA/Toga
  5. Wilson Vasquez, G.S. Mengoni
  6. Oscar Pineda, 7UP/Colorado Cyclist
  7. Juan Pineda, 7UP/Colorado Cyclist
  8. Dave Melchior, Kissena/Sock Guy
  9. Eric Min, CRCA/Dash/Renaissance
  10. Ray Diaz, CRCA/Dash/Renaissance
  11. Adam Hodges Meyerson, CRCA/Breakaway
  12. John Verheul, Somerset/Somerville Cycling
  13. Inson Wood, CRCA/Keith Haring
  14. Juan Pimental, CRCA/Sony
  15. Jason Schneider, Ideal Tile
  16. Stephen Badger, CRCA/ReMax
  17. John Frey, Northampton CC
  18. Paul Choo-wee-nam, Kissena
  19. Jurandir C. Dealmeide, CC Evesham
  20. Frank Arroyo, CRCA/Sony Music

Women 1,2,3

  1. Deirdre Murphy, CRCA/RLX
  2. Caryle Gale, Cranford
  3. Elizabeth Maurnai, Somerset Wheelman
  4. Sarah Sauvayre, CRCA/WSF/Setanta
  5. Catherine Powers, CRCA/Dash/Renaissance
  6. Stephanie Gould, CRCA/WSF/Setanta


  1. James Joseph, Team Squiggle
  2. Garret Crooks
  3. Matt Inconiguos, Stage 1 Cycling
  4. Mike Gansberg, CRCA
  5. John Yacobellis, CRCA
  6. David Whitney, Somerset

Women 4

  1. Lori M. Romen, Team Tam
  2. Randy Sharp, CRCA/PSOAS Axis
  3. Nancy Morgenstern, CRCA/PSOAS Axis
  4. Stephanie Bleecher, CRCA/WSF/Setanta

Race results hosted by CRCA-SBCG.


The Century Road Club AssociationPresents


The Lou Maltese Memorial
and Arthur Zimmerman Cup
Saturday July 8, 2000
Central Park, NYC

Category Distance/Laps Places Prizes Entry
Zimmerman Cup -- Pro,1,2,3 Men
  42 miles/7  20 $2,000  $30
3,4/Jr. Men
  30 miles/5   5 $300  $15/5*
Women 1,2,3/4**
  30 & 24 miles/ 5 & 4   5/3 $300/75  $15

*Jr's pay $5, Cat 4 women $10 (plus applicable late fees).
**All women will start together with Category 4 finishing 1 lap before 1/2/3.

All races have a strict 125 rider field limit.
Races Start at 6:00 A.M. on East Drive at 79th Street.
Registration at Boat House Parking Area opens at 5:00 and closes promptly at 5:45.

Mail fee and USCF 2000 standard release to:
CRCA-Lou Maltese Memorial
c/o Tomlinson
165 West 83rd Street, #71
New York, NY 10024

Mailed entries must be received by July 6. $5.00 late fee on day of race.

Early number pickup and registration will beavailable in Manhattan at Metro Bicycles, 47th Street and 9th Avenue12:30 to 6:15pm on Friday, July 7. A license must be presented to receive a number.Avoid the lines on race morning.

Team Discount of $5 per racer for teams of five or more pre-registering for the same event. Entries must be received in the same packet.

Races held under USCF permit, and in cooperation with NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.

Cars are not allowed in the park for any reason. Leave your car and enter on foot or by bicycle. Pay close attention to the local parking laws, or risk getting towed.

Approved helmets must be worn at all times while riding. USCF fines will be levied for violators.

Please be considerate of other park users and clear the roadway immediately after your race. Racers who enter the recreation lane will be disqualified and suspended from all NYC Parks races for three months.

For updated information phone: (212) 222-8062 ext. 4

Race announcement hosted by CRCA-SBCG.